Tuesday, October 28, 2008


If it seems like college is all I have to talk about, maybe it's because it is! Things are really going kinda slow right now in school, but I know in a week or two I'll be complaining because everything is due at the same time and I can't keep up. I picked up my pattern for my jacket, and it's cute; it was only a dollar! I also signed up for a Hancock advantage card so I can get discounts and things.
We live smack dab in the middle of clayton and henry county so when I went five minutes down the street and tried to vote they said I had to vote in clayton county voting place which is five minutes the other way. Geez, can we make things simple for those who have important opinions lol?
I have to leave for class now, and evn though it's pretty cold I washed my hair like an idiot because I just couldn't put up with how uncontrollable it was. If I catch pneumonia it's my own fault.
I'm still on Etsy, and now my mom has put her quilts and cross stitch on there to try to sell...


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