Monday, October 13, 2008

it's break and I have no clue what to do

Today I had one class to take before I have my (almost) week break. As a guy I know at school says "I secretly live" for these breaks between quarters. By the time they come around I have really met as many deadlines as I can...I like the fact that I change classes too, it keeps things interesting. I was offered a hundred dollars by one of my fellow students at college today when I said I had found a dress form-he said fifty at first and after a resounding no raised the amount to a hundred lol. NOT A CHANCE BUSTER!
I think I should sew over my break, but really I don't really feel like arguing with fritzy the sewing machine so if she acts up once that's it. It's my break after all. I want to do something exciting this week, but I can't think of a thing. I did rack up on books from the library. My new author to "read up on" is Angela Hunt. I really like what I've read so far. Maybe I'll lose weight. I still haven't lost those pounds I gained from the steroids (for my head injury) so I could get started!
Any suggestions, lemme know.


  1. Try Kristen Heitzmann. I've read several of her titles including: Secrets, Freefall, & Halos. I think Freefall was the best. I'm currently reading her latest, "The Edge of Recall", but can't comment on it because I've only read the first chapter or so---should be good, though we'll see.

  2. Have you read "she looks so natural" by Angela Hunt? I kinda liked it and the cover cracked me up. Seems like I've heard of the books you mentioned, I've read a secrets, and a waterfalls but I think they're different authors. My fav moments are at the library so I'll look those up.


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