Saturday, October 18, 2008

School starts on Monday!

Today is Saturday, I know how it'll go, tomorrow will pass in a blur and I'll be back to school first thing on Monday morning standing in line for books. At least I have my schedule printed out already, and hopefully I'll get to Bauder early so that I can check my quarters grades after I get my books and still be in class on time. I have several classes with Mrs. Hopper-love her to death-so that's good. The other two I've heard might be a strain, but you really never know because classes students have complained I've aced. Sometimes I think they just don't want to study or act like they're in college, but they act like the teacher shouldn't notice that. I would really like to sketch up some clothes for people who want to design their own, but can't sketch and want to take a completed sketch to a seamstress, but there are a lot of websites out to do the same thing. Amazingly for the most part they are kinda pricey. It seems like I wouldn't be able to compete anyway...right?
Last night we (Julia, Sarah, and I) went to the Beasley's house to play some games and hang out. We stayed there kinda late, and didn't get home until 1 am, and then we stayed up until after 4 am lol. That's the latest I've stayed up since my final project more than a week okay.


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