Saturday, November 8, 2008

Life, the election, and "other"

The election left somewhat of a bitter taste in my mouth. Sadly, it wasn't so much about who was elected (because I do trust God to make it all work together for good for us,) but more about the hate passed back and forth by those who were on separate sides. Last election a lot of people who wanted Kerry to win were sure that the Bush side faked votes, but I don't remember them being as upset as everyone is this time. The side for Obama wants to know why you (who voted for McCain) voted for someone who won't take other people's money and give it to you. They also say he thinks too much like Bush (though how they know this when those I've heard say this obviously didn't even CHECK policies.) The side for McCain has gotten on their high seats of righteous indignation and want to know why anyone would vote for someone who is for abortion and infanticide-if I baby lives through an attempted abortion, Obama believes it would undermine abortion laws to do anything other than let the baby die a painful death. Hardly anyone says anything with compassion or reason, it's all "my way or the highway" yelling and screaming. I've found that people are accused of being stupid, and racist for not voting Obama when I believe race is the last reason a person should be voted for, and that if someone stood in line two hours or more and their candidate didn't win they've been punished enough. I for one hope that things don't get worse simple because we now have everyone at each other's throats. I am really just believing that God is in control. I do love to debate, but I like debating facts, and using opinions along with those facts, not throwing around ignorance, and hate language. Could we please not kill each other just so everyone will believe that we've "Come so far"? Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

Jocelyn and the four of us: Sarah, Mary, Julia, and me (Elisabeth). The bride and bridesmaids!

I am so excited that I will be visiting my married sister (as I call her) and my brother and their wonderful little daught-I mean, dog in two weeks. I can hardly believe that Thanksgiving is really sneaking up on us like this! We have all kinds of plans. I never expected to miss my sister this much! We are planning to take pictures of the four of us, send dad and the kids crabbing and fishing, make a huge thanksgiving dinner, play games, watch movies, and obviously SHOP! I'm hoping to sew up something for the colder weather out of all the corduroy I have, but we'll see.

The kids and I started painting the Sunday School class walls, and unfortunately we didn't finish. I think we're supposed to finish tomorrow, but until then we're going to have to meet in another room. I can't think where that'll be!


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  1. Yes, this was the most emotionally charged election I've ever been a part of. I think not only race, but the situation with the economy plays a huge part. The sad thing is that the majority of americans don't have a clue as to basic economics in a capitolistic society or to how jobs are created.I find its best to keep quiet on this subject.


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