Saturday, November 15, 2008

Papa's beard is much whiter now than it was last time he grew it out...I think he looks great-so distinguished.

He had a golf/over the hill themed party.

Papa's birthday party was last night. Sixty years old! I can't believe it! We had a really good time, and Papa obviously enjoyed himself too. I took pictures. It was great seeing Patrick again. He's so funny; he looks and acts a lot like his dad too. I stood up and told some of Papa's pet peeves from when we were little kids, and the celebrities he likes to make fun of...We came up with some pretty hilarious true things from the past and present.
By Monday I'm supposed to have a certain amount of my jacket sewn which probably isn't going to happen. I get started on a big project on Tuesday, and I'm excited about that. If I had money to spend I could really go overboard on it. It's a scrapbook/portolio design project where I have to choose a company I'd like to design for. I picked Priscilla of Boston which is a bridal company. As usual, this coming week will be gone before I know it.


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