Sunday, November 2, 2008

Right now I'm just trying not to think about college at all lol. The weekend was busy busy. We decided to have game night at our house this time because last time was at Ayesha's house. Well it starts at 7 so no one will be hungry still, and we can just have snacks so that's one thing we don't have to worry about. Momma (being Momma) has me mopping the floor and then waxing it, and cleaning the kitchen and stuff. I was kinda surprised I wasn't sent to clean up my horrendous room (I'll get back to that.)
Saturday morning we had buskids over again and they were playing uno and singing and stuff. Around 2 o'clock the missionaries came over and Sarah and Julia took them shopping while I babysit lil Donovan and the Brats.
My room for some reason is a horrible horrible mess. I have clothes everywhere separated in darks and lights and pjs. My room looks like a lumpy multicolored rug. *sigh* I'll think about it tomorrow.
My hair is a major mess and it's getting too long for me to handle honestly, and it rarely looks good. It's always pulled into an unkempt curly-or kinky-bun, ponytail, or ball at the back of my head. Someone I met the other day in class pointed at my hair and goes "Wow, you have a lot of hair, how long is it?" It takes tooo too long to do anything with! Who has a suggestion? I would like to cut it, but I like it long when someone else does it. Maybe I can bargain to do someone elses if they'll do mine...

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