Wednesday, December 31, 2008


First of all let me clear up that I normally enjoy having five excited, energetic ten-and-unders at my house...This time I miscalculated. According to my calendar I wasn't supposed to be bloated and hormonal, and neither was I supposed to be having bad allergy problems or having issues sleeping through the night. I picked up five of my Sunday school kids last night, and brought them to my house after a trip to the library and then to walmart. I had saved the money for the food (you'd be shocked by how much they eat) instead of spending it during the after-xmas sale so I was okay though. We rented two movies, and I turned it on and pulled out the snacks as soon as we got home. Anthony and Chris were here visiting so I sat upstairs talking to them and just did frequent checks on the babysat-by-a-movie kids. Today was altogether chaotic. I have a huge headache-but then I can't actually blame it on them because of my allergies sadly lol. They ate breakfast, and read their bibles and then I went to breakfast (because dad promised to watch them.) When I came back from breakfast they were playing basketball and we went for a walk, and back inside for book reading and cd listening. Lunch was served before they headed outside for more antics only coming inside to play on gameboys and ask for food. Lastly we went to mya's house to play and stayed for quite awhile. There they shamelessly gorged themselves on cupcakes and deer bologna. *Sigh* Soon we leave for church. Class is going to be full of coloring tonight.

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