Thursday, January 29, 2009

Church in the news, not good.

Our church was seen on tv by several people this morning, and that's how we got a call from our [rental house] tenant about Decatur Baptist Church being on fire! has it too ( and even though I haven't seen it for myself since the news cameras obviously weren't allowed to the back of the building where the fire was, we heard an update from papa saying that there was damage on the deck but not much on the inside of the building as far as he could tell. I'm just so thankful about that. I kept wondering about whether the piano burned up, and things like that.
Today I watched a movie, studied my patternmaking book a little, ate lunch, and just chilled. It's nice to be able to do that once in awhile. I worked on my sketches and have made a minimal change to their (the models or croques) legs that makes them look much better!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

my weekend

So far I am not really stressing about this quarter's classes, but I think the real workload is yet to come. One professor told us to get three ring binders and said we're going to have (obviously extensive) notebook checks to see if we have all five categories: handouts, notes, inspiration, homework, and calendar with dates of test & quizzes as well as how much time we spent studying each day/week. *Sigh* just thinking about all that organization stressed me out. I had to kinda do a mental pep talk.
Friday night we were over the Beasley's. We half-heartedly practiced a few songs for the ensemble we have at church, and then we ate like ravenous beasts, and played dictionary. It was hilarious! The only other time I played it was with boring (slightly unimaginative) people and we didn't wonder about what elephantiasis might've meant, or laughed over one definition given for rathskeller: "a rat that works in a bank, also known as a teller". Jackie will NEVER live that one down.
Today at In Town Baptist I taught class and was slightly disappointed about how the girls sometimes don't even care to pretend they're listening. They prefer my class over my dads because it's less technical and less formal, but really would rather just goof off wherever they are. Is maturity taught or just acquired with age? I'm pretty sure that I wasn't quite that bad at their age (lol but it was only 5-6 years ago, so who knows.) There were about seven teenage boys and the girls wanted to spend class time discussing who liked whom and who was going to rush in to sit by the favored boy. All in all my day was pretty nice...the week was fairly decent :) I meet new friends on etsy all the time, and find some really talented people-and have bought from a couple.


Monday, January 12, 2009

I went to the doctor today and they said that I have Chronic some long word which basically means chronic itches. I have been told that it's very several different allergies working at once. Sometimes I just say, "why me?!" But like Pastor said in his sermon on Sunday, why not me? I go for allergy testing some time this month. In a way I've had it with doctor visits because I really didn't find out anything I didn't know already. I knew that I needed allergy testing. I knew that I didn't know what was causing the welts and itching. I knew that steroids wouldn't help, and I knew that allergy meds do. Now the doctor has prescribed me allergy medicine. It's funny in a way.
I'm on etsy all the time now, I've met several new friends and even bought some soap by camsoaps (shout-out!) which is vanilla. I can't smell it, Momma loves the smell of it. I've found a lot of encouragement from fellow etsians from about how to advertise all the way to how to take the best pictures possible. I have yet to create a banner or fill up my shop, but I'm working on it. School starts back tomorrow and I have some hard classes. Looks like it's going to be mostly work and no play this quarter *sigh*.