Thursday, January 29, 2009

Church in the news, not good.

Our church was seen on tv by several people this morning, and that's how we got a call from our [rental house] tenant about Decatur Baptist Church being on fire! has it too ( and even though I haven't seen it for myself since the news cameras obviously weren't allowed to the back of the building where the fire was, we heard an update from papa saying that there was damage on the deck but not much on the inside of the building as far as he could tell. I'm just so thankful about that. I kept wondering about whether the piano burned up, and things like that.
Today I watched a movie, studied my patternmaking book a little, ate lunch, and just chilled. It's nice to be able to do that once in awhile. I worked on my sketches and have made a minimal change to their (the models or croques) legs that makes them look much better!


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