Monday, January 12, 2009

I went to the doctor today and they said that I have Chronic some long word which basically means chronic itches. I have been told that it's very several different allergies working at once. Sometimes I just say, "why me?!" But like Pastor said in his sermon on Sunday, why not me? I go for allergy testing some time this month. In a way I've had it with doctor visits because I really didn't find out anything I didn't know already. I knew that I needed allergy testing. I knew that I didn't know what was causing the welts and itching. I knew that steroids wouldn't help, and I knew that allergy meds do. Now the doctor has prescribed me allergy medicine. It's funny in a way.
I'm on etsy all the time now, I've met several new friends and even bought some soap by camsoaps (shout-out!) which is vanilla. I can't smell it, Momma loves the smell of it. I've found a lot of encouragement from fellow etsians from about how to advertise all the way to how to take the best pictures possible. I have yet to create a banner or fill up my shop, but I'm working on it. School starts back tomorrow and I have some hard classes. Looks like it's going to be mostly work and no play this quarter *sigh*.

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