Sunday, January 25, 2009

my weekend

So far I am not really stressing about this quarter's classes, but I think the real workload is yet to come. One professor told us to get three ring binders and said we're going to have (obviously extensive) notebook checks to see if we have all five categories: handouts, notes, inspiration, homework, and calendar with dates of test & quizzes as well as how much time we spent studying each day/week. *Sigh* just thinking about all that organization stressed me out. I had to kinda do a mental pep talk.
Friday night we were over the Beasley's. We half-heartedly practiced a few songs for the ensemble we have at church, and then we ate like ravenous beasts, and played dictionary. It was hilarious! The only other time I played it was with boring (slightly unimaginative) people and we didn't wonder about what elephantiasis might've meant, or laughed over one definition given for rathskeller: "a rat that works in a bank, also known as a teller". Jackie will NEVER live that one down.
Today at In Town Baptist I taught class and was slightly disappointed about how the girls sometimes don't even care to pretend they're listening. They prefer my class over my dads because it's less technical and less formal, but really would rather just goof off wherever they are. Is maturity taught or just acquired with age? I'm pretty sure that I wasn't quite that bad at their age (lol but it was only 5-6 years ago, so who knows.) There were about seven teenage boys and the girls wanted to spend class time discussing who liked whom and who was going to rush in to sit by the favored boy. All in all my day was pretty nice...the week was fairly decent :) I meet new friends on etsy all the time, and find some really talented people-and have bought from a couple.


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