Thursday, February 26, 2009

The youth and family meeting is on our tails. We're not having it at camp this time, and I'm looking forward to it being close by while at the same time wishing we had dorms again this year. It could be fun at times even though parents left their kids unattended like we were paid babysitters.
I am completely ready to have my whole school project for commercial design done. My first garment is nearly completed and I really need to work on it this weekend. I also have a shirt pattern to finish making, as well as the fabric for that shirt and some pants to buy. I was going to go today (and still may) but I'm getting lazy the longer I'm at home. My mom went to run errands and so I have no car to go in.
I'm selling my first set of sketches. The customer is buying five of them (I'm so excited,) I'm on etsy as a seller and in a way really didn't think I was going to sell any sketches. The finished products are really good actually. She told me what she wanted each dress to look like and the colors and I just basically provided the actual sketch as well as a little bit of input when asked.
Right now I'm trying to get my schedule done for the coming quarter. I should be done with school around August. I am definitely looking forward to that. I enjoy college but we don't geta summer break and only a week between quarters it bears down on you a lot when it's nonstop.


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