Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I suppose pictures will be arriving soon, but I am currently going to have my two dresses modeled at the bauder black tie event (obviously hosted by bauder college.) After much determination and very little sleep I made it! It's weird because I am such a frustrated person when sleep deprived, but when I stayed up all night-drinking coke, and coffee, eating popsicles and listening to the radio to keep me up-I had no one to cry to! Naturally I did cry, but it felt so pointless at 5:30 am when dad was leaving for work and I was still up and was sure I wasn't going to be finished in time. My dad gave me a hug and told me it'd be alright but to me there was nothing worse than staying (missing sleep!) for something and it not even being used for it's main purpose. Anyway, though it may sound like I only cried and ate that whole night :) it did pay off. I talked to John that morning before he left for work and he told me that it would all work for the best whether or not it got it (since when was this guy so wise?) Unfortunately he constantly told me after that he had told me so, I have no idea what he would've said. I'm amazed by the amount of friends that said they wanted to come...I'm excited, it's gonna be a big night for me, and even though I won't be the best there, I'll know I worked hard with very little time and money and that makes me happy.
Right now I'm trying to figure out how to network. I'd love to get a job in industry, but I'm being realistic, that's hard right now. I'm seriously considering my options with the internships available and I just don't know. There's a lingerie shop that I'd love to work at simply because I needneedneed the experience, and because it sounds like fun...but what I had mainly planned/hoped was bridal or formalwear. I guess we'll see. I'm still praying about it right now.


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