Monday, April 6, 2009


Since my last blog a few things have happened. Okay. A lot has.
Here's a summary:
My birthday (March 25) I'm officially legal!
2. A trip to MS. Actually this happened right before my birthday. I got so many presents and bought myself sum too cute skirts.
3. If I can make patterns for and sew up three dresses I will be able to be in the Bauder Black Tie event!! More about that later on.
4. A whole new quarter in school, hopefully the one before my last. I should be done in august if I work hard.
5. I've been invited to Phi Theta Kappa again! I think this time I'll join.

Okay about the dresses that I must make, I have started them already. I'm almost done with the pattern for the first dress and it actually wasn't so hard. but we'll see how it looks when I sew it up. I'm doing something dangerous, and on-the-edge, I'm going to sew up the thing without making a muslin pattern first! I know...but I don't have time! Less than two weeks for two outfits! I know that others may not be intermediate at this like I am and need all that time, but I definitely do...especially with all my other classes. My teachers all told me to prepare not to sleep when they found out that I have the classes I do. I have so many projects begging for attention that I really shouldn't be on here but I needed to get rid of sum stress.
Hopefully I will have a more common presence on etsy and I can really start to sell my stuff. I'm also thinking of making bags for the youth and family meeting we're having, like for prizes. We'll see. Sarah wants the computer.


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