Saturday, April 25, 2009

The weeks are flying by and the biggest thngs on my mind rite now are the bauder black tie (bbt) my internship, and making money on etsy. I need to improve sales in a major way. I called the lady at the site I want to intern at-thats abt an hour away-and she said that she was thinking abt how the distance is making me think twice and that I could possibly spend the night when I am feeling too tired after "work" to drive an hour home. If that doesn't make it sound likely that I will b interning there I don't know what does. I'm hoping that since I'll b trained by them I may be the perfect candidate for a job ther after my internship is finished. I know they need more people and if I work hard and learn quickly there is no telling! Nothings impossible w/God

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