Thursday, July 23, 2009

life has been going on

Internship has been keeping me busy and the only thing keeping me just as busy is school! I'm finally finishing up so it's okay that it's taking up all my time. I found a gift for my teachers (my favorites anyway) and hopefully they'll like it. I got some peach preserves from a friend who is an excellent cook and basic magician when it comes to any food he touches and I'm going to put them in a bag with a nice little ribbon and hope they like that kinda thing. Originally I had planned to make bags for them, but then after I realized the end of the quarter is upon us and I have NO time to make them!
Right now I'm incredibly happy for no other reason than that I'm alive and I have been so blessed with a great family and supportive friends. I'm going to miss my college friends, but maybe once in awhile we can get together. I want to take some group pics at our last class.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July

Right now I am sitting in my Mississippi-dwelling sister and brother-in-laws house waiting for some cookies I just put in the oven to finish up. We (my family and I) arrived at around about 4 am on Friday morning. I've actually been enjoying myself and yesterday I did pretty much nothing! John came over for awhile and hung out, and we did played some volleyball outside, just he, my younger sister Sarah, and me. This morning we got up early and headed to the beach to fish. We had a good time, except I didn't catch any fish...I came really close to catching a crab though, the weather was beautiful and windy.
I have to be back at my internship on Monday morning and on Wednesday back at school, but I'm sure I'll look back and smile about this little "break" I had from it all.
My internship is still going well. I will start bra fitting soon and I can't wait...I think. I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, because I don't want to do it wrong, but everyone is already accusing me of only wanting to talk about my internship site so yeah...I might as well get even more into it! I desperately need to tweak my etsy page, and I'm sure everyone else is of the same opinion, but eventually I'll find the time. I'm concentrating on making great grades once again for my last quarter.