Friday, August 21, 2009

getting to it

Today I'm going to let my creativity flow. I've found that when I force it, or I don't have any inspiration, I can't draw or create very well. I hate that. Today though, I'm going to make something new for etsy. I want to be able to list something new every day. I'm not like those people that can list four and five things a day but I can try for one right? I'm going to work on a bag. Two straps, a pocked on the outside, and maybe one on the inside. I'm going to try a few things different from the last two or three I made.
I'm also going to work on getting some business cards made, it's time I learned how to represent myself. Since I just finished college and have no job, I have noooo excuses for not getting anything done. It's my time!


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