Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Hey mama? I lost Janice!"

I am now packing for my first trip since I finished college...I wish I weren't such a procrastinator. We leave tonight around, or a little after midnight. I'm excited, but definitely am not looking forward to being squished up in the car. Sarah Julia and I have agreed to all drive four hours (or about that many), Virginia is in the general vicinity of twelve long hours away. I'm trusting God to make this a great trip.
Today when I went to buy some extra last minute things for the trip, I took Janice with me. I almost sweated out my new straight hairstyle. It was HOT and I dropped Janice off three doors down from Citi Trends at Goodwill to shop and told her I'd pick her up. When I came out of Citi Trends about thirty minutes later I couldn't find her in goodwill. I asked the cashier after looking frantically through the store and she said she'd just cashed her out. Sooo I walked outside, Janice walks slow so I thought I'd see her strolling along. No such luck. I went to the furniture store next door, back to citi trends, to it's fashion...and then back to goodwill and back to citi trends and by this time I'm getting really aggravated. I finally just went into goodwill and gave the lady my number and told her if/when Janice came back in to just call me. She agreed. As I walked to the car Janice called out my name. She had been in Freds (the opposite direction, store next door to citi trends). She said she saw my car and "just figured" I was in Freds and did a whole shopping trip in there then visited Citi Trends, then finally came back to goodwill. I told mom I'm going to put a sign on her that says "If I'm not with someone please call (insert number)". This is like the second or third time I've lost her and she's more than twice my age...She's going to make me old before my time.


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