Friday, August 21, 2009

In the works...

I love my old sewing machine. I bought it from my school because they didn't want it anymore. Fifty dollars. It's pretty ancient and weighs about a ton because it's made of iron, but this baby can go! It's industrial and requires oil :). Overall she's pretty low maintenance and is awesome to work with. Downside: Only straight-stitching can be done on this machine.

I'm making this bag out of an old denim skirt my mom gave me. It was rather huge, but a nice soffft thin kinda jean. I guess I could say it's repurposed and reconstructed :) The thread looks white, but it's actually pink. There is a pocket on the outside, about the right size for my cellphone...I mean, if I were keeping it. I am putting a thin floral cotton lining on the inside. I was going to put a pocket or a divider inside too, but I really wanted to get it done really fast because it I don't my drive will completely disapppear. When I have more things listed then I can do those little things I think.

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