Friday, August 28, 2009

Just get to it already

Lately I've been slacking...okay, so this whole week I have been slacking. I don't feel bad about it for once because I was slacking only on the creative side of things, and I had a good reason! My school somehow managed to let me graduate without putting all the money I owed under loans...sooo I've been worrying how I'm going to pay that off without a job, and just so that I wouldn't only be worrying, I applied for a few jobs too. You would think I was applying for the FBI with some of the ridiculous assessment tests they have out there that take about an hour all told!
When I get really frustrated usually I can at least do some illustrations, but lately I haven't been able to find any pencils, so I went kinda crazy and bought twenty-four mechanical pencils...I don't suppose I'll be running out of those any time soon! Right after I bought them I came home and did two illustrations back to back. I was happy with both of them. I'm working on my teen girl sketches, they're pretty good I think. I'm going to add my latest sketches to etsy as soon as I can find enough light that won't add a glare but will be bright enough where I don't have to use flash...It rained all day so that won't be happening today. Nothing could take my joy away today, I'm so blessed, and even though I've beeeen blessed today I'm noticing it more. I visited my happy place-the library-and checked out some books!

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