Friday, November 6, 2009

clean room most exciting development? Not good :)

I have been so lazy about posting, it's highly doubtful anyone pays attention to my blog anyway, but I should really keep up just to work on my own personal discipline (it's definitely a muscle that I need to exercise more often.)
I cleaned my room in a major way two days ago, and the bleak cleanliness of it makes it seem so roomy...even with my two dressers, bookshelf, two chairs, sewing machine and bed all in here! I have a lot going on emotionally lately, and it's sometimes hard to concentrate on anything outside of just thinking. I'm glad that I have cleared some of the outside clutter so that I can work on the inner clutter a little.
A friend of mine, Hannah, is very sick. She has a severe case of mono. Sadly, while most cases are "mild" and last a little while then go away, her's has caused so many complications that she's in the hospital and not doing well at all. I'm hoping that everyone who hears (or reads) will keep her in their prayers.
As for my creative's still there, just not thriving well. One would think that stress would scream for an outlet and anything creative would help, but I'm working on a church website for my dad right now and trying my best to keep some time for things like my Sunday school class and job hunting.


  1. Hi, saw your post on Cast thread and wanted to check out your shop and blog. Sounds like you blog the way I spurts...I'm trying to do better too!
    Congrats on your AA degree! I live in NW Georgia so if you are still in ATL we are almost neighbors!
    Welcome to CAST and hope you will stick around next time and get to know some of us!

  2. Hi! I used to blog more consistently, I seriously lacked enough time...and now that I have time I never remember or just feel like no one reads it anyway! lol Thanks for the welcome, I'm glad I finally found a group that replied and added me! I'm excited about getting to know you all!


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