Thursday, November 19, 2009

He has put a song in my heart

Lately I have been going through personal things that have caused me to be a little down. As a young adult I suppose that things I think are a big deal are really a lot smaller than I consider them to be right now...years down the road they will seem like just little speed bumps. Well, to get to the point, music speaks to everyone, it's only a matter of which music each person prefers. I recently started listening to a song "You Are God" by the Katinas...and it lifts my spirits each time I listen to it. I couldn't figure out why. I normally listen to music that either tells about how you'll come through the valleys a better person, or that God will work it all out, or that God notices when we cry. "You Are God" is a song that tells about the characteristics of God...I realized just today that maybe that's it! When we focus on God in our need and all that He is rather than what we are and our problems, and insecurities, that's when we are most happy. It's not about us, it's about how God can work through us!
If being a Christian wasn't about what He can do through us it wouldn't be called Christianity! To some it may seem silly for me to be so happy to have rediscovered this, but for me it totally clicked :). I knew all that, but it had been so long since I'd really thought about it. It's because of who God is that we can trust him with our futures...and I am smiling!

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