Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm the oldest! Just listen!

I would like to know what the point of being the oldest is if I don't get a say...
When I started college is when it really became relevant; my younger sister and I both enrolled in the same school...her to become a certified MA and me to get an Associates Degree in Fashion Design. She went and took her driving test before me, and was therefore always driving. She decided pretty much everything from where to eat, to what time she would get me to school. When she finished school except for a couple classes and our classes weren't at the same time I never got to school on time. My teachers started to see me getting to school late and moved me down on the teachers pet list :). My fellow students always thought she was older when we met, and told me to stop getting bossed around lol...I rarely told her or even acknowledged it with more than an embarrassed smile. I figured she was the dominate personality, and from what I saw it was so much more trouble to fight it than to just go along, half of the time she doesn't even realize she's doing it!

Sooo maybe I let it go too far. Today we are supposed to go to another state to sing at a church opening and we have to choose songs. She decided we would sing a very long choir song that really doesn't sound right acapella because it's fairly monotone, the timing is "different", and there are several key changes that we haven't even mastered with the piano let alone without. When I tell her I don't like it the first time (last night) she says I'm being lazy and not trying, and when I tell her again today she asks everyone elses opinions and says we should sing it anyway...then eventually when I keep at it she gets upset, says that I'm just not trying, and we won't sing it...

As one of my new years resolutions perhaps I will try to become more of a go-getter. Who should take me seriously if they know that I'll end up going along with something (and just complain) even if I completely disagree? I've come to where the only time I won't eventually go along with something is when it's morally wrong, and therefore I get sent on personal errands for my sisters and the rest of my family daily. No one is taking me seriously, because I don't demand to be. I don't want to be unhelpful, just maybe a little more focused...?

I am praying that we have safe travels to our destination, and have fun getting there. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that our personalities will clash, but I don't want it to get in the way of us being a blessing.


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