Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Maybe people want what I have.

Time to get back on track again! Whenever something is bothering me I always have a hard time keeping focused (going beyond the focusing problem I already have) and really, I need to overcome that. Right now I'm thinking about Christmas. Can I have anything in my shop (etsy) that will sell soon enough that it may sell for Christmas? I'm not sure about the whole advertising thing, but I do know a few things:
1. People like cute and unique things
2. People like to know that something will make them feel good and be useful before they spend money on it
3. People want to be in style.

I can make cute and unique (even though that's in abundance on etsy,) the things I make can be useful and make people feel good, and I can make things that are stylish. Actually having taken trend forecasting classes I know a little about what should be screaming for attention this and next seasons!! Sooo what am I waiting for? I should possibly start to shamelessly ask my facebook friends if they'd like to buy a bag for Christmas for anyone that they know, especially that's in college, or if they're in college themselves they can even have a custom bag made in their favorite colors!! Let me get to it, once I get an idea I can run off of the excitement it gives me for at least a day :)

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