Monday, November 16, 2009

south carolina

Our trip to South Carolina was phenomenal! We left around two o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday and reached there at dinner time. Pastor Butler and his family took us to eat at Cracker Barrel after which we went to the hotel. The hotel was a Holiday Inn Express...Becky and I picked our bed (closest to the window and air conditioner) and everyone settled in to watch tv. While Jackie was in the shower we turned off all the lights, turned off the tv, and opened and closed the door so she'd think we had left-and hid. Her lil voice saying "Is anyone there? This isn't funnny!" was just too hilarious. Almost as funny as when Sarah jumped out and scared her.
Sunday morning we got to sleep in because we were within walking distance of the church and the service wasn't until eleven o'clock. We sang sooo many songs lol. We enjoyed it. The sermon was about what a church is supposed to be like, out of the book of Acts. After Sunday service they filled up our tank and took us to eat at O' Charley's. I have to say that my food was the best, and the strawberry lemonade was off the HOOK! I must've gotten four refills lol.
Pastor Butler gave us a generous love offering, and we headed for home. The ride home was uneventful and we reached home around 8 pm on Sunday.
Now I just need to get back to sewing. I'm a little short on time :) pretty soon we'll be heading for MS. A week and a day! I can't wait to see my sister. I love Thanksgiving!


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