Monday, December 14, 2009

weight loss? Noooo

I am working on my weight, I weigh...yeah right, like I'm really gonna tell you. Anyway, lets just say that since my accident a year and a half ago, and the steroids, and the sudden appetite surge when I couldn't smell anymore (look it up) I just can't say I like my size anymore. For awhile I was really exercising, I had an exercise buddy who I went running and walking two miles with every day but she didn't have time anymore. I miss the companionship and I miss the good feeling exercising gives to me...soo I'm not only going to start exercising, I'm also going to start changing my eating habits a little. I won't get all into it, but these changes are so necessary and I think I'm even ready to make them. I was supposed to have someone to keep my accountable, but she has forgotten to check on me. It's all on you me! I can do this.

"all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."


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