Friday, August 28, 2009

Just get to it already

Lately I've been slacking...okay, so this whole week I have been slacking. I don't feel bad about it for once because I was slacking only on the creative side of things, and I had a good reason! My school somehow managed to let me graduate without putting all the money I owed under loans...sooo I've been worrying how I'm going to pay that off without a job, and just so that I wouldn't only be worrying, I applied for a few jobs too. You would think I was applying for the FBI with some of the ridiculous assessment tests they have out there that take about an hour all told!
When I get really frustrated usually I can at least do some illustrations, but lately I haven't been able to find any pencils, so I went kinda crazy and bought twenty-four mechanical pencils...I don't suppose I'll be running out of those any time soon! Right after I bought them I came home and did two illustrations back to back. I was happy with both of them. I'm working on my teen girl sketches, they're pretty good I think. I'm going to add my latest sketches to etsy as soon as I can find enough light that won't add a glare but will be bright enough where I don't have to use flash...It rained all day so that won't be happening today. Nothing could take my joy away today, I'm so blessed, and even though I've beeeen blessed today I'm noticing it more. I visited my happy place-the library-and checked out some books!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finished project number 1 right on time!

I finished my tote last night and I really like it. I listed it on etsy to hopefully at least get some views, but I'm going to add a button to the pocket, I just think it would add a little something...and of course I love buttons. The lining ended up being really neat, the bag would've definitely been a little boring without that and the pink thread accents...

Friday, August 21, 2009

In the works...

I love my old sewing machine. I bought it from my school because they didn't want it anymore. Fifty dollars. It's pretty ancient and weighs about a ton because it's made of iron, but this baby can go! It's industrial and requires oil :). Overall she's pretty low maintenance and is awesome to work with. Downside: Only straight-stitching can be done on this machine.

I'm making this bag out of an old denim skirt my mom gave me. It was rather huge, but a nice soffft thin kinda jean. I guess I could say it's repurposed and reconstructed :) The thread looks white, but it's actually pink. There is a pocket on the outside, about the right size for my cellphone...I mean, if I were keeping it. I am putting a thin floral cotton lining on the inside. I was going to put a pocket or a divider inside too, but I really wanted to get it done really fast because it I don't my drive will completely disapppear. When I have more things listed then I can do those little things I think.

getting to it

Today I'm going to let my creativity flow. I've found that when I force it, or I don't have any inspiration, I can't draw or create very well. I hate that. Today though, I'm going to make something new for etsy. I want to be able to list something new every day. I'm not like those people that can list four and five things a day but I can try for one right? I'm going to work on a bag. Two straps, a pocked on the outside, and maybe one on the inside. I'm going to try a few things different from the last two or three I made.
I'm also going to work on getting some business cards made, it's time I learned how to represent myself. Since I just finished college and have no job, I have noooo excuses for not getting anything done. It's my time!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Hey mama? I lost Janice!"

I am now packing for my first trip since I finished college...I wish I weren't such a procrastinator. We leave tonight around, or a little after midnight. I'm excited, but definitely am not looking forward to being squished up in the car. Sarah Julia and I have agreed to all drive four hours (or about that many), Virginia is in the general vicinity of twelve long hours away. I'm trusting God to make this a great trip.
Today when I went to buy some extra last minute things for the trip, I took Janice with me. I almost sweated out my new straight hairstyle. It was HOT and I dropped Janice off three doors down from Citi Trends at Goodwill to shop and told her I'd pick her up. When I came out of Citi Trends about thirty minutes later I couldn't find her in goodwill. I asked the cashier after looking frantically through the store and she said she'd just cashed her out. Sooo I walked outside, Janice walks slow so I thought I'd see her strolling along. No such luck. I went to the furniture store next door, back to citi trends, to it's fashion...and then back to goodwill and back to citi trends and by this time I'm getting really aggravated. I finally just went into goodwill and gave the lady my number and told her if/when Janice came back in to just call me. She agreed. As I walked to the car Janice called out my name. She had been in Freds (the opposite direction, store next door to citi trends). She said she saw my car and "just figured" I was in Freds and did a whole shopping trip in there then visited Citi Trends, then finally came back to goodwill. I told mom I'm going to put a sign on her that says "If I'm not with someone please call (insert number)". This is like the second or third time I've lost her and she's more than twice my age...She's going to make me old before my time.