Saturday, September 26, 2009

rain, work, and creativity

Today I am at work (yes I know, I don't have a job, and it's bad work ethic to update blogs at work.) I protest! I'm at LiviRae lingerie (which was my internship site), Molly and Cynthia were nice enough to allow me to work on Saturdays if I want. Normally their Saturdays are incredibly busy, but due to the rain this one has not been at all...I did have plenty of other things to do though, and my day passed really quickly! Now it's ten minutes until closing and there are no customers so I took the chance to update, I don't ever seem to get that done when I get home.
Yesterday I cleaned at my Grandmother's house and she asked if I could start coming once per week to file and stuff for her along with my normal bi-weekly cleaning I do with my sisters! :) Now I'll have a little extra change until I get a job!
I will be heading home in the rain soon so I'm a little worried, but I'll breathe a quick prayer and try to take my time. I got so many ideas today and feel truly inspired...maybe I'll jump on my sewing machine before the weekend is over if I get a chance. I'm kinda bloated and just wanna sleep and maybe read or sketch...but that's not how you make money, is it?
I started on a messenger back which, if I ever finish, should look really good. It's made of brown khaki and denim fabric. I needa finish it because it looks good and it's only halfway finished!