Monday, January 18, 2010

I haven't completely lost my touch...

Wow...I really can't keep up with my blog so well, can I?
I have a couple pictures to post of new sketches that I have far they aren't that much to look at, but they are works in progress, and works in progress mean that you are doing something at least. I will only post two since that's all I have that has been "clothed" all the others are naked figures waiting for me to be inspired and clothe them lol. My teacher told me that if I didn't keep practicing my sketching my illustrations would go downhill...well, in my chill mode after finishing school I didn't practice much at all until one night I picked up my pencil and was very disappointed in myself. Nothing would "work right"! Sooo I worked at it awhile, then went at it again the next night and actually realized that even though I'm not as good as when I finished college, I haven't completely lost my touch.
I'm going to try posting more pictures to keep my blog more interesting from now on.

This is a quick sketch I did of a suit Sarah (my sister) was modeling right before an interview. I didn't bother to really clean it up because it's not something I plan to do anything with.

Even though by the time I was done I realized that her head was too small and neck too long I left it alone anyway. I was so busy working on the rest of her body and making her clothes fall correctly that I really wasn't going to go in and fix the rest of her until I could be away from it for awhile.