Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eco-friendly fun-ly (funly not a word--but that's okay)

I wonder if I'm the only one who likes visiting my blog then clicking the little "next blog" button up at the top and following blogs that inspire me. I find so many lately! I want to be a blog that people want to follow *pretend wipe tear* but last time I checked I just kinda wasn't. I wish I knew how long it took these people to get like a thousand followers. I always assumed I didn't have them because I kept my blog a secret, but now that some people know, I still haven't improved by much lol. People want to be inspired, and if you're not showing your creativity, or giving them some way to relate, you're not going to inspire anyone. So here's to me being more inspiring :-)

Okay, on with my day. I was thinking yesterday about being eco-friendly. As one of my last projects when I was in college I wrote a loooong paper about being eco-friendly in what we wear. Since I'm not the type of person to go out spending a ton of money going green-since spending all your green doesn't make you eco-friendly, I wrote it in a way that those of us every-day people would find easy. Here is a shortened, revised, and rejuvenated version:

  • Patronize your local goodwill
I love thrift stores, they inspire me, and there's always some lovely treasures just waiting to be bought for extra cheap prices. While shopping at thrift stores in general is "green" since you're reusing items instead of buying new or letting them get thrown in the garbage, shopping goodwill is especially good; let me tell you why. Goodwill makes a point of helping those less fortunate by employing handicapped people, or those who have a hard time obtaining jobs elsewhere, so you're killing two birds with one stone. What better excuse do you need to go shopping?
  • Iron less
Hey, sounds good to me already! Okay, admittedly I don't know everything about this topic, but I do know that wasting resources is not green. I purposefully wear mostly things I don't have to iron just because I'm lazy, but my my laziness is saving the world! :-) Besides ironing less, try unplugging those cellphone chargers and turning off those lights when you leave the room.

  • Save Stuff
Okay, while this may sound vague, I promise you it's not! Saving those milk cartons are great for many crafts, just as saving the tops to soda bottles are great "tires" for the next kiddie car project. Egg cartons can be used to plant seeds in, and to house the little shoots until they're large enough to transplant. Shoes boxes are great health and beauty baskets once they are covered in magazine pages (I keep my shampoo and things in mine), my Sunday school class helped me make mine. I'm sure that each person can think outside the box, so to speak, and find a use for a lot of items that we sometimes throw away without really thinking.

I am going to end here lest reading this become a life-time project :-) and wasted time is wasted energy (which isn't green at all.)



  1. Some good ideas! (and I thought I was following you but I'm not so I will!)

  2. I think they're wonderful ideas!! Love the new headband!! :)

  3. I was just at GOODWILL on monday...! i couldn't believe all the stuff. walking down the aisles all i wanted to do was start "fixing" up everything..if only i had the money and paint and all the time to make use of it all! one day, it will happen lol.. I bet u r the same way?!

  4. Thank you Julie and DH.

    Taylor I love goodwill, and yes, I feel exactly the same way.


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