Friday, April 30, 2010

Love book...

Yesterday I decided to pull out an old empty scrapbook and make my "love book". My love book is a book that has all the cards and letters and sweet notes that I've gotten for birthdays and just because (and I suppose I'll add graduations too eventually.) 
Here is a picture of the first page. The card at the top I received from my parents on about my thirteenth birthday. It has no words on the front, but when you open up it simply states "Happy birthday your cuteness!" :-). I liked that cards so much that it stayed on my dresser for weeks after my birthday until I was told to take it down (somehow they're still making me take down cards even now.)
The bottom card is from my grandparents. Grammy always picked out and sent the cards as well as added the check for fifteen dollars...I was about eight when I received that card.

Little things you do make a difference to people. Things people say to us, and the way they treat us leave footprints on our hearts. A smile, a wave, and a kind word cost nothing, but are remembered sometimes longer than a gift. Nobody thought I would have these cards all these years, while to some they may be just pieces of paper, to me they are tokens of someone's love for me. So think of someone today, and when you do, call, email, text, or wave to let them know that you did, because you just might make their day :-)


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  1. Nice one! I have all my special cards in a box in the loft!


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