Thursday, April 15, 2010

New ideas and new endeavors...

Today I received an email from a lady whose blog I follow...I don't know her personally but when I was browsing through the blogosphere (I've been wanting to use that word) I found her page to be one of the prettiest I had come across and I automatically see her on my dashboard now. Anyway I emailed her about sending her some of my quilling creations so that she could try them and sort of "review" them, she replied saying that she would be happy to try them out and gave me her address. I'm working on some now for her other than the ones that I'm selling on etsy. I want her to like them. I also decided to step out on faith and purchase some cards to use them on and even try to sell them should be fun.

In other news I have a phone interview for tomorrow for a job I applied to (details later if I get the job.) I'm thrilled and a little nervous. My friend does work there already as a new hire and is the one who suggested the job to me. Tomorrow is the "sew test" and even though overall I'm confident in my skills I'm not so sure what will be expected of me and that makes me a little nervous. I used to alter BRAS...I should be able to do this, right? I'm quoting so many verses to myself right now lol.

Thyyyy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path...(I like that song)...Sunday I had the children bring toilet paper rolls (empty) to class and we made "candles" out of them. They're so cute. I adore them.


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