Saturday, April 17, 2010

no games, a couple of nails, and some paint.

Yesterday was supposed to be a leisurely game night for the teens and above to come and enjoy themselves with some games at our house. The "GAME night" ended up being a stressful event that I was bugged about all day, had to shop for, and ended up working through. There wasn't a single game, and children were there sometimes even underfoot while I was painting at the church. I get really stressed when my plans change, and although I'm trying to change that, this time I believe it was justified. Generally "we should" really means "you will" and there goes my whole day...
On the upside my classroom has been mostly painted, and we taught my friend Jackie how to paint! I couldn't believe she's made her way through several of her teen years and never learned to paint! Here is a picture of my classroom...Bright right? I loved it...My kids need some brightness in the classroom instead of the boring cream from last year. The ones that came in to watch me work loved the color even when I dabbed a bit on their noses :-)

"In everything give thanks for this is the will of God..."

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