Saturday, April 10, 2010

seat cushion and not horrible saturday

Omg, there is a Saturday that I actually somewhat enjoyed!! Today I went to practice a song that I wanted to sing for church tomorrow morning...I finished it! Mercy said no is the name of the song but in this case mercy said yes and I finished in about five tries :-).
After that I bought an overpriced side salad and ate lunch in front of a show with my sister...then to my grandparent's house to clean. I can't say that my grandparent's housecleaning was an highlight of today (or any other Saturday), but at least we had brownies today. Grampy isn't looking so well, I'm praying for him and worrying a little in my heart.
When we got home this evening I immediately started up my computer and started looking for crafts for my class tomorrow, I finished that in a minimal amount of time and started on my aunt's cushions which were supposed to be done ages ago. I have to say that since it wasn't anything at all difficult that I was kinda uninspired by it and just let it sit. It was almost too easy especially once the pattern was outta the way (which it was weeks ago) it's kinda embarrassing. Anyway, here is the finished product. She picked a great fabric...Now I have at least this off my conscience and am just itching to start on another project! Auntie will be so happy to see it (and finally have something to sit on while she eats :-))

Now...I have my dress for tomorrow set aside (so happy for now that summer is here) and all I have to do tomorrow is wake up and that...

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