Monday, April 5, 2010

Sewing by accident...

Okay yes, I did accidentally get roped into sewing an Easter dress for my little sister. How in the world?! Generally when I say yes to things I mean 'yes sounds like a good idea', or 'yes, that would be nice', but not 'yes, I'll do it'! Anyway, I made the mistake of saying yes to my sister Sarah, so the night before we left town last-minute to visit my pregnant sister the fabric got shoved under my nose. Oh well...I made it without an actual pattern, and after working a couple hours on it had it nearly finished. Tuesday morning I was at it again and my sewing machine's tension is set for thicker fabric so I kept having problems...We left Tuesday early afternoon and didn't come back until Saturday night. You guessed it...I didn't even bother. Sunday morning I woke up thirty minutes early, worked on it for fifteen minutes and I was done! I was happy with the result even though it might've lacked a lil inspiration. It has an elastic band for around her neck, and then some stretch lace that goes around her back and elastic at the skirt so she could get it on without a zipper. It's so thin that I had to use a lining too...I should really do this more often! I received some much needed encouragement from my big sister so I have no excuses (as always lol.)


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