Friday, April 23, 2010

Tailor or Taylor your tank

Yesterday I received an email on facebook from my friend Taylor. We have been sending emails back and forth a lot, because we are both struggling to start fan pages, find buyers, and improve in our arts (hers is jewelry making). Anyway, this email wasn't about that; this email was about a tank top that she saw that she thought was cute, it had a little ruffle added to the neckline. She wants to start sewing, and thought this might be the best first project for her. I agree! I thought the title of this post was perfect, because not only does Taylor have a great name for puns, but everyone should be able to personalize their tanks and make it "them".

One day when I was finishing up my last quarter in college, toting around my huge portfolio and rubber cement, I saw a poster on the wall that said "pimp that tee" or something like that. It was for a contest that all the Fashion Design students could enter, I allowed myself to dream a little (it's such an easy project) and then the amount of work that was due, and the way I never saw my house anymore hit me...I couldn't enter. I've thought of all kinds of things: adding a draped overlay, adding capped sleeves, and adding buttons, but so far I've done none of these things. I did however give you a head start, and did some of your footwork for you by finding some sewing how-to's:

This craft gossip blog has many editors, but this particular post by Anne Weaver has a tutorial for putting sleeves in a tank's so easy! (That's a picture of the finished product above. CUTE!) Check it out here .

And this blog: Ruffles and Things by Disney by a woman called Disney is all about sewing and would be great for any beginner looking for artsy projects to do on one of those "crafty" days. I found out by reading her "About me" section on her blog that she loves many things, among them Jesus! I love finding other believers when I'm not even looking!

And last but not least, here is a blog that tells how to revive an old tank and makes something cutesy and useful for a toddler you know. The Blog is rightfully titled "how to do stuff" and it's written by a self-proclaimed "thrifty crafter". For those of us who don't have tons of money to spend on our crafts thrifty and "cheap" are two of our favorite words...not to mention "re-purposed".

So here I will close. If out of these, you can't become highly inspired to create, I just can't help ya :-)



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