Monday, April 19, 2010

What if?

When I stay up late at night I start having more's a very inspirational time for me :-)

What if I were to buy skirts at say the thrift store and change them around? I can add to them, subtract from them, and all sorts of things. I could make a skirt from fabric I have, and rip the pocket off of a skirt I buy at the thrift store and sew it on. I could buy a tank top and add sleeves with a different fabric and then add buttons down the front! I feel inspired already. Last year I made a skirt purse from a little girl's mini skirt, and it's just hanging in my room. I should so try to sell it. I meant to give it away for a prize at an event and never did.

What if I took some of the illustrations I've done on bristol board and cut them out and put them on the cards that I'm going to start making along with my new paper quilling flowers and things? That would be one way to effectively use two skills I have at once!

What if every time I feel like giving up I keep my hands busy doing something that's easy, knowing that when I start crafting I just want to craft more?

What if I started a love book?...I've been wanting to for awhile. It'll be a scrapbook filled with all the sweet notes I've gotten from people, and the cards for birthdays, and graduations, and pictures of special that card that my sister gave me when I was sick on Valentines day...Every time I feel discouraged I could open it up and see all the people that love me.

What if I set aside time every day to practice my fashion illustrating just so I won't get worse? My teacher kept telling us that as long as we always practice we can't get worse :-)

What if I find one person per day to concentrate on? Pray for...encourage, pay attention to? It's hard to have issues all the time when you're focusing on someone else and their needs...Plus the gift someone who has never seen me (cast member) gave to me touched my heart. It reminded me of the verse in the bible that says how can we love God who we can't see, when we don't love the people that we can see?

Anyway...just some thoughts...I had to put them down. They felt deep, but tomorrow when it's not 1:15 in the morning it'll just look like random thoughts I'm sure.



  1. I think they're all great ideas!! You seem truly gifted, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Donna :)

  2. Sounds great - lots of good ideas. I especially like the one about concentrating on one person to pray for, encourage, etc. Good Job!

  3. Some good ideas. I'm sure you do better if you keep moving!

  4. Thank you! I am working on consistency...and hoping that my sewing machine is too. I went to Goodwill today, it was a nice starting point.

  5. Wonderful thoughts, and you did good writing them down! I have all kinds of ideas at the oddest times...and then don't remember them later!


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