Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You can't stick to anything...

A few weeks ago, around my birthday I came to the conclusion that I wanted to learn quilling. It's not the first time I came up with this great (or not) idea...years ago I saw it in a craft store and wanted to learn...but that's happened with lotsa stuff.
Fast forward to last week:
I got on ebay and found a cheap quilling kit for beginners and I'm waiting impatiently for it to come in the mail as I type. Sooo since I actually ordered it instead of dreaming about it, I realized that I will possibly start on it with a deep interest and enthusiasm then forty-five minutes later when I realized I'm not immediately amazing at it, I will put it up. I'm hoping this doesn't happen, but I know me...and things aren't looking good for me in this area. I've decided that I will give it a whole week before I quit. That's fair right? Right?



  1. We both must suffer from the same syndrome---mine reveals itself when I work on new piano arrangements.--After about a week--a once beautiful arrangement--becomes overwhelmingly dull & boring. I've been doing inventory and I have enough piano books to start an ebay store--well--almost. Maybe, we can encourage each other to stick these things out.

  2. Maybe we can...I have a hard time focusing on things for large amounts of time...


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