Monday, May 17, 2010

2 am and she calls me 'cus I'm still

So it's late at night. I make a Christian chat room on and start chatting away. While I was there yesterday someone told me I "really need more stuff" in my shop. I agree. I've always thought so too, so why not get to it? Tonight I was sketching while I chatted and someone said "You should do more illustrations, y'know some of your own, not just custom ones." It confirmed a few things for me. Maybe I'm just dense, but for me it was a lightbulb moment. Sooo feeling extra inspired I got off of chat and picked up a few nice-sized scraps from among my project fabric and first made a ring, and then a cuff/bracelet. It's late, and it's cooling down upstairs (where the A/C broke down) and the hum of the sewing machine made me sleepy, but being inspired kinda counteracted that. :-). Please let me know your honest opinions about what I whipped up. 


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  1. Lizzi, I love fabric cuff bracelets and they are so much fun to create! I think you should try selling them on Etsy using different fabrics, buttons, trims, etc. :)


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