Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Family description

Family. My family and I are very close, since we traveled on deputation for awhile, and a lot of times didn't have anyone but each other at a church that we knew, we became even closer. We found out that if no one else has your back, one of your family does, even if that means standing up for you to someone else and then fussing at you about the same thing later in private. :-)
Our relationship works, and the older I get, the more I appreciate it. My dad's relationship with me is usually really good, we understand each other. Although he is strict, he's generally reasonable, but if we disagree it's not pretty because our personalities are very much alike. My mom and my relationship is close and comfortable, since my oldest sister got married I've become her right-hand daughter and generally I feel like I can talk to her about pretty much anything. Our main disagreement is cleaning (which she is good at and always doing, but I can only do in other's houses,) I generally have the messiest room which works for me and she can't understand.
My sisters and I are all as much friends as we are sisters. My oldest (Mary), as I said before is married. We text sometimes, and don't really ever argue, and rarely did when she was living at home. I love my BIL and feel like he is my real brother, I'm always grateful that she didn't marry someone I didn't practically hand-pick :-).
Julia is the second oldest. She and I get along usually, but while I'm impatient, she needs patience because she's indecisive and every day is a series of "what do you think about...?" from work outfits to what she should or should not eat for lunch. She's also unable to stand up for herself to people she's not close to, and tends to drive me nuts that way.
Sarah is the sister just under me. She and I are the closest among the sisters because we spend so much time together. While she's younger she's the dominant personality and tends to tell me what to do. People almost always just assume she's the oldest, occasionally I put my foot down just to show my independence. We may be the closest, but when we do argue they are generally violent (for us who have never hit each other lol) and usually we both leave the room a couple of times and come back again with something we thought of to say, and then eventually both state we're sorry by the end of the loud venting session.
Nece and Monnie are so close that they are almost one entity. They do everything together and when one is gone the other will pick someone to follow around and state how bored she is. Nece is the younger and the leader at eight years old, and Monnie at eleven only rarely disagrees vocally. Monnie is quieter and tends to just bother people with poking and giggling, following, questionnaires...and Nece is louder, more outgoing, and more confident.

This is my family in what I would say was a nutshell. For those who read it, it's not even nearly that, but hey, I'm awake at 6 am! What else do I have to talk about?


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