Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fixing the glare by changing the focus.

I adjusted the visor again in the car for the third time, before finally giving up, mumbling under my breathe. Why they don't make visors longer, when obviously the sun is glaring viciously off the windshield (and my eyeballs) constantly I don't know. Really maybe I was just grouchy, I decide to adjust my attitude, and in the meantime adjust my focus to out of the side window. After all the driver didn't seem to know how to drive with or without the sun, and was wearing sunglasses anyway...Focusing my eyes outside the front window wasn't helping anyone! 

In the same way lately I've been focusing so much on what isn't going right. I'm sick, I can't work on my projects and I'm always sleepy. I'm not sick and it's so hot that I'm a sweaty mess. I can't do organization and therefore can't find my scissors. I can't work fast enough to get anything made and on etsy or be in a craft show. I'm not making any sales. Well, yes, that's a lot of problems, which are all very valid points...and yet, if I can't do anything about them, I can't...maybe I should divert my time to something that will actually work. Here are a few places to divert your attention to:

1. Someone besides yourself
Trust me, this one really works. Find out problems that someone else has and you'll feel like a petty little fool when you finish praying for them/talking to them/caring for them. 
2. Hobby of choice
Why are people successful? Because they worry all the time? No, because they put forth time and effort and generally because they LOVE what they DO! Put in time that won't overwhelm you, the whole point of a hobby or craft is to enjoy doing it. If you're not enjoying what you're doing to make money on your own time, you might as well get a good-paying job and hate it while getting paid a decent salary...
3. Walk and take in the scenery
Perhaps you're looking out the wrong window. Try taking a walk and enjoying the scenery. You'll improve your heart health, and body appearance if nothing else, and even if it just makes you look better that's one less thing to complain about! Exercising get the happy bugs running in your body (I call them happy bugs because I can never remember what the happy feeling name is, but I promise this is true) and unless you're some major grouch it'll really improve your outlook on life. 

So, after teaching myself some valuable lessons--believe me, I was complaining as I sat down with the laptop to write this (the AC is broken and a body needs air especially in the SOUTH!)-I think that to fix the glare we must simply change the focus. This is true whether we are talking about taking pictures, sitting in the passenger side in direct sunlight, or a glare on a face when life is bad. 



  1. WOW - Elisabeth - you write very well. I enjoyed that and you make excellent points.

    Thank you!

  2. Arona,
    This is not only well written but such a good reminder to all of us to keep our focus where it needs to be.

  3. Thank you :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it (I love writing.)

  4. Nice one Elisabeth - we could all do with a bit of positive thinking!


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