Sunday, May 23, 2010

To do...done? much to do and so little time! Do you ever feel like you're running running and never catching. Like my hamsters used to be. They'd get on their little wheels and run like someone was after them. I wonder if in their little hamster minds they realized that they weren't? Occasionally they would stop and look outside the wheel (almost as if they were expecting the scenery to be different-after all that running it should be!) I'm going to apply a verse to my life this week. "Let every man prove his own works and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone and not in another." Sometimes I'm not sure where I'm headed with all this sewing, I suppose to make some money, but in a way I believe it's also to prove something to myself and others. Really, I'll be okay when I prove to myself that I didn't go to college for nothing, that I can make money from what I love doing with a little hard work, and that other people do like what I make :-)

To-do list:

1. Go to Hancock Fabrics
snap tape
elastic thread
2. Go to the bank
3. Go to the post office
Be nice to the workers-would hate to work there (long lines alllll day with rude anxious people in them)
4. Check money and buy something fast food for lunch regardless.
5. Drop off application at schoolbox
6. Sewsewsewsew

What does your to do list look like?



  1. Emails, List eBay, Cast thread, Renew/list Etsy, updae Facebook, paint, heatfix - like that most weekdays then with extras added - hopefully including coffee with a friend!

  2. I am working on my 2nd wool blanket that I need to get posted, the first one sold in hours, so I need to finish that, go to the pool for my water therapy, get some yarn at michaels, make a grocery list, laundry, clean the floors...well that should do it OH and go on the computer off and on all day!!!!

  3. @Julie you're all business lol

    @sweety I might be going to michaels on tuesday...I'll have to learn some self-control before walking through the door though

    I didn't have it on the list, but we're doing breakfast in our pjs :-)


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