Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craft night?!

Whew...well I'm back! I visited NC with a friend, and thought I would get lotsa rest, but ended up so much sleepier when I got back home lol. I don't care because I had so much fun hanging around the antique shops. Soooo much inspiration just waiting to be pounced on in those places!! AND her totally cute cousin gave me a shirt to make a few more flowers out of and got me to thinking. Why not use all kinds of fabrics that I see at thrift stores as stuff? Hmmm, may or may not be cheaper...but if I buy something to use the buttons off of, I guess I could use the fabric too. I hate to waste.

What I really got on here to say was that I'm planning a craft night! I'm so excited and want as many people to come as possible. So far I haven't gotten very far, I just know when and where. If the first one is a success (I'm so excited) then we can do more after that! I would really like to meet more crafters nearby, but that's not happening at any great speed...I don't even care what their craft is really, I just like meeting people that are crafty because they inspire me. I feed off of their excitement about whatever they make, and it comforts me that so many people are in the same place as I am. Creating, but not yet selling really.

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Hi Lizzi,

    It is wonderful you are creating. The sales will come :)

    Hey, I have good won the notebook that I am giving away on my blog!!! Can you email me your address at

    Can't wait to get this to you :)



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