Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cyber friends!

I learned some lessons. Be talkative when you have something nice to say. Comment. Reply. Convo. Interact. 
Do you ever talk to the person in line in front of you, or the person shopping beside you? I do. Sometimes they look at me crazy, but other times they talk right back. I was told that this was my "woo" talent (the ability to win people over) or my communication talent. I think calling those talents is half the story, they're only talents when used correctly and I really have a hard time pulling that off. Okay, back to my point. Sometimes just "bothering" to answer someone when they ask a question, or giving you two cents is good; maybe all someone needed was two cents! are my stories from the last month of how smiley faces came bouncing back to me by accident! 
One person told me on the CAST forum that they enjoyed my blog. I didn't even know the person who posted it, but I went to check out her etsy shop and was thrilled with what I saw. She sewed! Not only did she sew, but pretty stuff! I emailed/convoed her and she emailed me back! For some reason I love getting convos especially when I think I'm gonna get fussed at and really it's someone sending me a happy note.

Another lady commented on here. She'd found me from another blog I commented on! That made me happy (hope you're reading this.) Best of all, she's in my city, so maybe we can even help each other find resources and places to shop! I already know a great fabric store that I send people to--it's cheap with better fabrics that some of the chain fabric stores.

I wrote a blog about working at home...I got 7 comments on it (to me that's a big deal.) I thought that was so great. Artsy people understand other artsy people, so sometimes when no one else understands me, I can come online and find people who are frustrated about not selling, or eagerly finishing up a project that will completely "get it."

Thank you to all who comment and convo and email and all those things...You made my day.

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Hi Lizzy,
    I have to agree with you about talking to people in places, I always do that and I think its just a nice thing in this rush rush day and age.
    Hey its great that you have found some great people from just exchanging nice words with each other, my husband and I help with a 12 step Christian based program, and let me tell you, the people there really appreciate a kind word or even a smile, the Lord has blessed us so much for our being faithful and kind to troubled people, the ones who some folks just pass by and try not to look at, due to fear or ignorance.

    Gee I did not realize how much your post hit home with me :)

    Sorry Ive been MIA from the CAST thread, I have been tying to get custom orders filled and get more things in the shop along with all the blogging I have begun to do...

    Take care and I hope to see you on the cast thread soon.

    Your Friend


  2. Yes i most certainly do speak to strangers lol..i kno i kno ur not supposed to but i enjoy it...! and i love when people to talk to me first... who knows those few words may have changed someones day for the better!

  3. Nice! It hurts my feelings when people don't smile back. Ha! I love to smile at people too! Talking...sometimes I initiate & sometimes I don't. Hehe! =)

  4. YEP! You know how important it is that people comment back because, after all, these are our innermost feelings. Thanks for sharing yours, Elizzy!


  5. you are so special, lizzie. I just love having you for a friend

  6. Thank you all for your comments (I love reading comments.)

    Samgram I love having you as my friend too :-)

  7. It's so nice when someone has a lil chat with you in a line...wherever.

    Your blog is great-you are great! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too...:)

  8. Cheyenne thanks! You seem to have fun with your blog, it always shows through when you do :-)


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