Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I won I won!!

I won a giveaway! I'm the type of person that enters giveaways just because, not really expecting to win. This particular giveaway was special because you have to give a prayer request and may get picked to be sent a gift so basically you get two gifts...prayer and a treat :-)

When I received my package I almost didn't have to rip it open because the envelope was torn up so badly, and it was taped alllll over which I thought was funny. I had to make up a story about it's journey from farfar away. Who knows what the poor thing went through at the post office! Let me explain my treats. These are sticky notes (which I love,) mounted on cardboard with pattern-y paper!! The lil flower covers a magnetic clip for the refrigerator. As for the sticky note, I have some already, but they get lost, so I'm glad this one is posted on something colorful; it's less likely to run away. The magnetic thingy is on my dresser because I'm afraid to take it downstairs to the fridge, I don't want anyone touching it! Selfish me...

If you want to buy some treats, or perhaps win some, go where I went Elgiftsandcards blog!

Elisabeth Arona


  1. It is so much fun to win these giveaways!!! So happy for you!


  2. Oh how much fun that was, I love surprises and am so glad you got one....

  3. Lizzie, I bet you can find something in your studio/bedroom that is metal that your little magnetic post-it notes will stick to. You'll alway know exactly where it is and it'll be "PRIVATE"

  4. It's always so fun to get a treat like this in the mail. Cheers your day, eh? Hooray for you!

  5. Hey, what a great write up :) I am so glad you love it so much! Thanks for putting a link to my blog, I really appreciate that!


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