Thursday, August 5, 2010

Does that grass look greener to you?

Today while I was in the pool with two friends, we started a discussion about insecurities. It was pretty deep (okay, so maybe I just thought so, but judge for yourself.) I said that people tend to carry their insecurities over to others, and for an example I will use clothing. Someone who is afraid of wearing a certain color for fear of how others will react (someone once told me after I bought a certain color that it wouldn't look good on me), will often go to others and react negatively to their clothing color choices (therefore starting a chain reaction of insecurity.)
My friend who recently shaved her head to regrow her hair natural-oh yeah, I'm proud of her because I love having hair and would fear cutting it-said that when she wears weave or different colored wigs people comment about how she isn't happy with who she is or how God made her. Her reply was, "And you are?"
In their minds, these people consider themselves "more content" with their natural appearance although they have relaxers or perms, complain about their hair, or color their hair. I believe that for me to get into the insecurities of humans (especially women) regarding their hair and body image alone I would be here typing on through the night and yeah, maybe even through next week :-). So let me leave my main point with you. It is okay to enhance your natural beauty, but don't let what a few others consider beautiful or ugly sway you too much. You look in the mirror at yourself every day, you live in your skin, and you have to be happy with how you enhanced your person.
My daddy taught me that when I am most critical of others is when I am not happy with myself. I hate when he points it out because it is super true. I am going to an event in another state, and I was--okay am-somewhat afraid to wear my hair natural because I generally get mixed reviews. You know what though? I am going to wear it natural, and I will rock it, because I am confident (self esteem boosting in progress) and when I am happy with myself as a wonderful example of God's handiwork I won't worry about dissing other people to put them on the level I believe myself to be on...instead I will lift them up so we can stand on the same level together. In conclusion, as a radio host used to say...
"Now go do the right thing."

Elisabeth Arona


  1. Lizzie - very insightful. I believe that our beauty comes from within. If you exude God's love to others, no one would consider you unattractive because His love is so very attractive. Having said that I too think that we can enhance our looks (make-up, hair color, etc) as long as we do not rely on that as our beauty. Our beauty solely comes from the Lord and He is the one who we should get our confidence from.

  2. You nailed it!!!! If you feel good, then that radiates outward to others! A lot of times those that are insecure in some way will try to knock you down though. You have the right attitude! Rock it girl!!! =)

  3. what makes you happy is what you should do! God knows! As long as it follows the Bible and makes you happy, keep it up!

  4. I believe that we can blame the media for many of our insecurities about ourselves because what they depict as beautiful. Beautiful is in the heart.


  5. OK you're more brave than me in this area--no doubt. The looks & comments you'll get may make interesting bloggin material.GO FORTH!!!

  6. Amen! I think I need to bookmark this page and read it every day! (I really just might!)

  7. you are not only beautiful, but wise beyond this life.


  8. Lizzie, you are turning into a philosopher......

    I think I've told you this before, but such wisdom in one so young is totally astonishing.

  9. Thanks for each of your comments :-) I read each one and smile.

    Shannon I didn't know who you were at first!

  10. For lack of better words, " I love this post." I change my hair all the time whether its weave, cutting my real hair, or coloring it. I just go with what I like regardless of what others say. I am glad you are rockin ur natural hair because ur confidence is what will make it even hotter!


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