Monday, August 16, 2010

I LOVE MAIL...and then I don't.

Being an adult is hard. I used to be excited every time mail came for me, but today the hospital (read back to this post if you don't know the story) sent me a letter saying that they had done nothing wrong and I still owe them money. This either means (A) They have some lying doctors. (B) They don't know how to read-because since when was a sick nurse not against hospital regulations? or (C) They have lying doctors, nurses, and reviewing officials as well as horrible customer service. Yes, I had to vent.

On the other hand I received my Squiz cards in the mail today! These little darlings are so cute and tiny (aka mini hehe) and I got mine during a giveaway they were having, but feel free to purchase some for yourself HERE. They're waterproof and come with this adorable little holder!

I also participated in a blog recipe swap at this thoroughly awesome blog (I think I spoke about it once before) and have been receiving recipes in the mail from my swappy pals! I wish this were an ongoing thing! One recipe came all the way from Australia (soooo neat!)

Last week this and a hairpin came in the mail from an accessory swap on this blog! Does anyone see a pattern emerging here? I'm addicted to blog activities. I do believe that I will be having a swap this winter if I have time between all the things coming at me soo so fast!

So yes, I do love getting mail...until those adult moments come around and I receive a bill or bad news. Ohhh to be a kid again!

Elisabeth Arona


  1. We all wish to be kids again sometimes. Adult responsibilities really stink.
    The only comfort I can give you is that we are living God's plan for us.


  2. as for the letter... ick..but happy bout the cards..thats great


  3. I love to get fun things in the mail. And wish I could ignore the rest but as adults we don't get that luxury! Cute cards.

  4. Is that a necklace in the last pic?

  5. Yeah it's a necklace :-) Cute, huh?


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