Thursday, August 12, 2010

I miss my mommyyyyy

In case anyone has been wondering why I haven't written on my blog, it's because I am out of town. I'm sorry!

We left one Wednesday at 2 AM and I drove the first shift. Driving from here (GA) to Virginia is ten hours. I had five hours and my sister had five. I got an hour and sleep and was sooooo sleepy, but I did okay. I had a teenage co-pilot, and then my sister Sarah would have our other teenage friend for hers. I believe my sister planned to get all of her sleep while it was dark, and then drive during the light; her plan worked. When I stopped driving at 7 AM it was light and I was starting to swerve a little.
Fast forward to arriving in Virginia. We met a friend at our hotel and he helped us unload our stuff, then we headed back out to get food. Only God knew what would happen next. Five literal minutes down the street we went to switch lanes and apparently someone else had the same idea (or was speeding) we met in the middle. It was on my side and I saw it coming closer and closer. I screamed. I really wished it was a nightmare.
We are planning to drive the car, somewhat smashed door, and ripped off front bumper included. It's the worst feeling being away from our parents and in another state when (God forbid) something like this happens. Anyway, as someone told us, "The car can be replaced, but you cannot. Be thankful you're okay!"
I'm grateful, and trying to have a good time and will hopefully be back to posting as soon as I get home (Sunday.)

I miss my mommy and daddy!



  1. Whew! Miss ya'll too! I'm 30 plus, and still feel uncomfortable, inadequate traveling alone (i mean without hubby). Even then, I'm watching his 'skillful' driving like a hawk....but its still all in God's hands...


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