Monday, August 2, 2010

Little angels...

Someone (you know who you are) inspired me to write a post I had been meaning to write for awhile. It won't be so much about writing, but about showing.

 "Mine eye affecteth mine heart...."

First, our own little "angels"--okay lol when you live with these two you'll realize that's stretching it a bit.
Monnie and Nece. Now 11 & 8 years of age. Have been living with us for seven years. A past of abuse and neglect, and they don't even know what a past is.

There is a family in our church that takes in foster children. I have been telling them for the longest time I was going to make an album of all the pictures of the little children that have come through. Take a look:

Came to live with them at 6 mos, went back to live with family at a year old, and was back and forth a lot for free babysitting (you really do fall in love with children that stay with you so long.) Now? She just turned seven and has been living with her mom full time for quite some time.

Giovanni. Age 2
His parents were arrested and he had to go somewhere. He was with them for about a couple months; when his mom was released and didn't want him, it's anyone's guess what foster home he went to next.

Sean was three months old when he went to live with them. I don't know what age he was here, but he went to go live with his grandmother somewhere around a year later.

Oh I love Trent. He left at around a year old and was only a 3 days when he came to stay with them.

Susan was born to a mother on drugs, who didn't want her, and already had two older brothers adopted by other people. She was a month old when she came to live with the Smiths because of a skull fracture, and was smaller than a newborn because she was so premature. She left at around 8 months old because the state wanted her to be with her brothers--although their adoptive parents only wanted the boys.

Samoria and Mya
These two cuties are as silly as they come. They moved into the Smith home when they were only three months old and Samoria (on the left) has since been adopted by them, while Mya's mom has become independent and can care for her. She went home about a year ago. They are both four years old now, with birthdays only a couple days apart. I see Samoria at least a couple times a week and she runs to give me a hug--my little Sunday school student since she was one (and not technically supposed to be allowed in my 4+ class.)
Many children here in the US and worldwide have had bad things happen to them and need permanent homes. These are only a few of the children who have passed from home to home and sometime I met them. No child should have a skull fracture that was inflicted on purpose. No child should spill marbles and go cower in the corner for fear she will be hit. No child should have a leg broken in three different places by his mom's angry boyfriend. No child should have a burn running from the top of his arm to the bottom. No child should scream all night long at only a few days old because it still has drugs in it's system that it's craving. I am incredibly blessed to have two loving parents, and I am also blessed to have met so many little angels.

Malachi 6 mos
Currently in foster care living with the Smiths.

Elisabeth Arona


  1. I can't even begin to understand, these kids need and deserve so much love.

  2. Thank the Lord for good people like you and your Church! It just breaks my heart to see these little angels hurt.

    Jesus said that if you are harmful to a child, they should tie a rock around your foot and throw you into a lake! Yeah! You go, Jesus!

    He loves the little children more than anything!


  3. God bless and protect those precious little ones.........

  4. Oh dear heavens...thank God from the bottom of my heart for providing to those innocent children.
    I know Jesus love them..."let the children come to me"...

  5. This had me crying. Such sweet little kids. I hope they all grow up to live down their parents mistakes and become happy and prosperous.

  6. These were only a few of the kids that I've met through the one family in my church. I get sad every time one leaves. That these things happen to them is so unfair.

  7. I am so grateful for the good people like you and those that are in your church. Those precious children need every ounce of love you can give them.

    It leaves a lump in my throat.

  8. Hi Lizzie..thank you for stopping by my blog...If I am thinking right/ I met your folks and probably YOU when you were little...Ask Ms. Camille.

    How wonderful of the Smith family to foster all these precious souls. It takes a SPECIAL heart to be able to take them in them so much and give them back.

    Thanks for sharing this sweet post.


  9. Hi Hope. From Buford? I may remember you, I remember a FEW names.


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