Thursday, August 5, 2010

A problem with a solution

Every problem has a solution. I know this, and yet I still have a problem. I was a little nervous about broadcasting this, but I really felt peace about the idea; if that changes I will take it down. Those of you who are on CAST etsy team at least, know that in May I was sick for about a week with what (I didn't know then)  ended up being strep throat. Here is the numerical version all neat and tidy (without the name of the hospital) as I sent it to the Joint Commissioner's office. Do you have a solution or suggestion? I would love to hear it. I am contacting the health department next...and someone tells me to pay the hospital a dollar a month and it won't go to collections like they keep threatening while I sort it out.

I visited ***** Hospital's Emergency room on May 5. 2010 because I was coughing up blood. I had been sick for about a week, and was finally convinced by my dad to visit the hospital. My complaints are as follows:

1.The nurse was sick. When I was called to the back waiting room, the only nurse on duty in the area had a hacking cough. She was told by the physician to go home and take care of it, but laughed it off; I was exposed to more germs by staff!

2. I was diagnosed with Strep Throat but was not given a throat swab or any form of a strep test. The doctor simply looked at my throat and told me that I had strep throat. I called the CDC and they confirmed that a strep test of some kind must be administered to diagnose someone with strep throat. 

3. I was in the Emergency room that had hardly anyone in it for eight hours. Most of the waiting was done in the back office for the nurse to give me a shot, and then to sign me out. My dad missed some work because he drove me to the hospital and waited with me. 

4. I didn't get better. This is a fairly big issue, because since the doctor didn't take the proper measures to diagnose me, she may have given me a shot that was incorrect. As a result of not getting better, I passed on my sickness to two of my sisters. 

5. For all of the above reasons I don't believe that I should pay for the disservice done to me on May 5th. I also would like some reassurance that this won't be a common occurence although I plan to never go back to this hospital.

I am worried that if it happened to me it has happened to others, the doctor said that there had been a lot of cases of strep throat in the months prior to me being there. I had to wonder if perhaps she diagnosed those other "strep throat patients" in the same manner as she did me.

I have spoken with a customer service representative at ***** hospital several times, and have voicemails of her saying she received my letter about this problem; I also spoke to the Vice President of the Emergency Room (NAME) twice and have not been able to resolve this issue. If we could resolve this quickly I would be so grateful.


If you have a suggestion I welcome it. I am not giving this up (very stubborn person here,) and even if I don't get the bill dismissed I will get something done.


  1. Tough situation. I am sorry you went through all that.
    Praying for you as you decide the proper measures to take. Also praying you won't have to pay that bill!
    Christie (luvencrafts.etsy)

  2. I don't really have any suggestions but will be praying for you. Hang in there.

  3. Contact an attorney, maybe even someone in your church and simply have him/her write a letter.
    Attorneys letterheads get attention, it may cost $50.00 plus, but that usually get's their attention.
    I have done so...

  4. I know that this is hard and very frustrating but I would keep on fighting and praying. You should not have to pay for this. I am confident that the Lord will see you through this.


  5. Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.


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